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Broker buying back credit and pooling loans


The broker for the purchase of credit and the pooling of credit amounts to an expert level. He admits resuming your credits by putting you in touch with a partner bank in its relational scope.

Real estate loans and consumer loans add amounts of monthly payments that may compromise the end of the month. The repurchase of the credits in their entirety can be regrouped in one and the same credit. Immediately, after making sure of the feasibility of such a bank operation, the broker makes the simulations. In general, the new monthly payment will be significantly reduced in order to facilitate the disposable income.

Broker Redeeming mortgage

mortgage loan

First and foremost the real estate credit buyback credit represents the simplest banking transaction. The bank buys back the customer credit by repaying the credit already, in the competing bank. Once the operation has been completed, the total cost will be transferred to a new real estate loan that retains the same object to be financed by applying the best conditions for recovery. It is not uncommon for the transaction to be beneficial in the rate. Indeed, the fall in rates is such that substantial savings are to be taken advantage.

Broker Consolidation of credits

Broker Consolidation of credits

Our expert in the purchase of consumer credit in the consolidation of credits studies the possibility of being able to examine the access to the anticipated clearance of a series of credits whose objects of financing are different. We can consider early repayment, a personal loan of a loan added consolidated with real estate loans or even pro credits. Immediately it will be to increase the repayment capacity to the borrower who lives, the idea of ​​seeing all these monthly payments added.

Before embarking on the new loans, the broker will consider the redemption simulation with a view to restoring the purchasing power of a part in regression of the cost of the new term and on the other hand, and not the less, find a single monetary one adapted to your budget urgently.

Real estate loan repurchases are presented to the banking partners who are involved in this process. The expert focuses on getting the best rates, which is currently not a problem given the steady decline in rates.

As a general rule, consumer credit is recriminated against household indebtedness. As a result, the amounts of these consumer loans are still limited, but in a short time, weighing heavily on household debts.

Household over-indebtedness

Household over-indebtedness

The disadvantage of these additional loans is that the management forecasts for relative capital are final. These payment facilities are concretized by the supplier at the same time as the household appliances bought very often. At the same time, the financial situation is not impacted in more detail. The loan offer is in all respects compliant, but this is adapted to your situation. Applying to a broker is not necessary, but for the case when the level of indebtedness flirts with 40% the advice becomes a recommendation.

In a general way the broker analyzes first and foremost the consolidated credits that are attributed we have just seen for a little bit of everything, including the loan work because of its simplicity. The repurchase agreement aims at the repayment of the credits, by carrying out banking operations with the banking partners specially dedicated to the repurchase transactions.

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The essential part of this loan consolidation operation is the application of SCRIVENER law 1 and 2. There can be no question of missing this operation by a lack of vigilance. Also, do not be offended if the broker asks you for your payslips, your last three months of statements of account, and insists on your personal data, if you are married or pacsé and of course on the charges In Toulouse the broker of Toulouse will be curious to know the causes of this indebtedness. The banking operation must succeed and in no way worsen your new situation.