3 Redmond School District Bus Lines Canceled After 7 Drivers Call Sick


REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) – The Redmond School District canceled three bus routes for students Monday morning due to seven bus drivers calling in sick, an unusually high number, officials said.

Like many counterparts in the state and nation, the school district is currently facing a shortage of bus drivers, but this was the first time that bus routes for the school district had to be canceled this school year. The calls strongly impacted the district, which still lacks 14 bus drivers.

“Our transportation department worked so hard to try to keep things together even with the shortage of bus drivers, but having seven people to call on short notice was just too much for us and we had to cancel some routes,” he said. said Sheila Miller, spokesperson. for the Redmond School District.

After the school district announced the bus line cancellations, concerned viewers reached out to NewsChannel 21, fearing the high number of employee calls protested the upcoming vaccination mandate deadline.

“I guess these people were sick because if they weren’t, it’s a misuse of sick time, it’s a misuse of benefits and it’s also really disappointing,” Miller said. .

The state has set Oct. 18 as the deadline for all school workers and volunteers to get vaccinated against covid-19.

“It is possible that if it was a protest, that some people think that by calling the sick and making their life difficult, that they stick it to the district or stick it to the governor and it is. that it is the students and the families who are suffering ”

On average, between 1,200 and 1,800 students take the school bus each year. the Redmond school district has an average of 6,500 students. The three impacted roads were twelve, seventeen and eighteen. These routes served all grade levels. for parents whose children couldn’t make it to school, the school district said it would excuse the absence.

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