A graduate of New Century Technology High School, the Air Force Academy pledges to get a haircut for a good cause


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Freshmen at U.S. military colleges often have to cut their hair early in their studies. For a recent graduate of New Century Technology High School, this college prep step was more than just a trip to the barber.

Kieran Moise has only had a handful of haircuts in his entire life, but today he sat down in front of a crowd at Straight To Ale, which he calls a town center, to do cut for the first time in “four or six years,” Moise said.

“I hated haircuts, that’s probably the main reason. My dad always wanted me to cut it short, but it’s always something people noticed me for, ”he said.

He was inspired to donate 19 inches of hair after seeing St. Baldrick’s fundraising in town. The wigs will fit cancer patients.

Family and friends surrounded him and cheered him on, some even joining in the cutting fun.

Together, they closed this chapter of his life and ushered in the next.

“I’m going to lose part of my personality but also gain something,” said Moise.

He begins his academic career at the United States Air Force Academy in less than a month. As if donating his hair wasn’t enough, in the weeks leading up to this event he also launched an online fundraiser, “Curls for Cancer”. Profits go to St. Jude Hospital.

St. Jude’s has been an organization that Moses has held dear for years.

“I had a friend, Josh Quist, who passed away in my 8th grade, and I knew St. Jude was helping his family, so I knew it was a good company to give to,” Moise said.

Moise’s mother Kelly Moise said it was hard to see her son change so much of himself with his haircut, she is proud he did it for a cause.

“As a mom, you want to raise good kids,” Kelly Moise said.

Kieran Moise wants others to think outside of themselves, and he hopes his haircut will make them consider donating too.

“I hope this inspires other people to do the same. There is a length requirement, but that’s about it to give their hair up. If anyone else wants to donate their hair or start their own fundraiser, they can, ”he said.

The St. Jude Donation Portal will remain open during Memorial Day. To learn more, click here.

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