Announcement of the new interim director of the Schenectady high school



Dennis green

SCHENECTADY, ​​NY (NEWS10) – Dennis Green has been selected to be the new acting principal of Schenectady High School. Green has been in the Schenectady School District for 17 years and has recently worked as Deputy Director of the Washington Irving Educational Center since 2011.

“Mr. Green brings both city life and work experience to a role that is primarily listening, understanding, building relationships and building relationships with students and staff. It is aligned with our vision and it is relates to many of the challenges our students face. Mr. Green has made a significant impact in the lives of many people and continues to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to the success of our students, ”said Anibal Soler, Jr. , Head of Schools. “I have no doubts that Mr. Green’s role in the high school administration team will help move our high school forward, especially after a year which has been educational, mental and emotional difficult for us. so many people.

Green wants to improve student attendance and safety, boost morale, and make the campus a better climate and culture.

“I am happy and honored to join the high school team,” said Green. “I am delighted to begin this journey at Schenectady High School where I will have the opportunity to work and learn alongside more families, students, staff and members of the community. the community.”

The board of education approved Green’s appointment at the Wednesday October 6 meeting. As Interim High School Principal, he will report to the Executive Director of the High School and immediately take up his new role.

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