AP Ministry of Education Reminds High School and Eligible Students to Submit College Applications


Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – In an effort to further support academic efforts at the post-secondary level, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) today reminded high school and eligible students to submit their applications to the university as soon as possible.

“Preparing for college can be an exciting and nerve-racking time for students, especially those who face obstacles or don’t know the process,” Education Secretary Dr Noe said. Ortega. “It is extremely important that educators provide them with tips and resources for submitting their applications, relieving their anxiety and helping them prepare for a meaningful and successful post-secondary experience. “

October is University Application Month, and the American College Application Campaign (ACAC) aims to increase the number of students who apply to college early in their final year with a focus on first-year students. generation, students from low-income families and students who would not otherwise be able to apply to college.

During the Pennsylvania College Application Campaign (PCAC), students at participating high schools will receive assistance with their college applications during the school day, with the goal of each participating student submitting at least one college application. Many colleges often waive the application fee at application events. During the PCAC, students can apply to any of the Commonwealth’s Community Colleges, Independent Colleges, and Public Universities. Schools in Pennsylvania interested in hosting events can submit an online form. In 2019, PCAC hosted 35 events and a total of 2,621 students submitted 2,984 college applications.

“There are a lot of students who think university is not for them. By urging them to apply, we’re starting to get them to think about the possibility that they might be able to go to college, ”said Michael Dotts, higher education associate at PDE. “Applying is the first step towards college, and we know the economic and societal benefits of going to college and getting a degree. “

ACAC began in 2005 in a school district in North Carolina and quickly grew into a national effort. In 2014, Pennsylvania joined the PCAC and held events in Commonwealth high schools encouraging students to apply to college. During the fall of 2020, more than 5,600 high schools nationwide hosted college application events, resulting in more than 363,000 students submitting more than 625,000 college applications.

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