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Best Online Writing Courses from Bestselling Authors and Writers

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  • Strong communication and writing skills will help you succeed in any profession.
  • Online courses are an affordable way to learn writing tips and get feedback on your work.
  • All courses on this list are taught by award-winning writers with decades of experience.

Good writing skills can take you a long way (just take that from a business major that worked its way into an editorial career). Strong written communication skills can help you land a job or advance in your career, but good writing doesn’t come easily or instinctively to everyone. As with any skill, you won’t get better at writing just by reading books or watching videos about it.

Online courses from e-learning platforms like MasterClass and Skillshare are affordable and flexible ways to not only learn proper strategies, but also to practice and get feedback on your writing. And who better to learn from than genuine published authors, writers and editors?

The following courses are all taught by accomplished, award-winning writers who have decades of experience communicating ideas, telling stories, and captivating audiences. Some specialize in fiction, while others use storytelling tricks to make even the driest facts shine.

If you see the word “creative” in the title, don’t immediately close the class. All courses have valuable lessons to learn to make your writing more effective, whether you’re in a creative industry or not.

19 writing lessons taught by experienced authors, writers and editors: