Big Brother 23 week 7 recap: it’s goodbye baby D


After Britini got the boot and became the first housguest to be part of the Big Brother 23 jury, the rest of the house rushed to a timed HOH balance beam competition, where Derek X lost to Sarah Beth by a split second, which went on to become the HOH and – crucial given that she was about to be the house’s next target – safe for the week.

With the power change again (but remaining eerily similar despite the change in HOH), week 7 of Big Brother 12 saw fan favorite beast / comp Derek X kicked out by a 5-2 vote after being hijacked by Sarah Beth, who was manipulated into naming him by Kyland.

Big Brother 12: The night moves

On the night of Britni’s eviction, Sarah Beth immediately hooked up HOH, and things got up to speed quickly. Although Sarah Beth made it clear initially that she didn’t want to target Tiffany or Claire and that she was wondering if she should go for Alyssa / Xavier or Derek X, soon Kyland was able to put herself in her ear. and guide her. HOH to do the dirty work of The Cookout.

After lying awake for hours talking and convincing her who to name, Kyland was able to push Sarah Beth away from her initial targets and was able to convince her to name Claire and Derek F, with a backdoor target in mind.

However, this week’s High Roller competition, where guests could pay to play roulette, potentially complicated his nominations. If they won at roulette, they would be safe for the week and could pick a candidate to knock off the block. They would then spin again, and the guest chosen by the second roulette wheel would then come up as a replacement candidate. Although Hannah, Tiffany, and even the production tried to convince Derek X to play roulette to potentially make it safer, he refused, wanting to bank his money for the next week. 8 “Coin of Fate: Prizes.

The decision turned out to be a fatal mistake for Derek X – as Alyssa won safety, removed Derek F from the block and Xavier was named in his place. While this wasn’t an immediately bad outcome, Derek X’s more exposed position left the door open for Sarah Beth to complete her backdoor plan, until DX or one of her allies got the veto.

Big Brother 23: the most unlucky draw in the world

The ball continued to roll for Sarah Beth because – luckily for her and unfortunately for Derek X. Alyssa, Derek F and Azah were the chosen guests to participate in the veto competition: Mostly, neither of Derek X or his two allies. closer could not play and gain his safety. Instead, it was Xavier who grabbed the veto, pulling out of the block but winning a number of punishments in the process: he lost all of his BB bucks, he would be a third contender next week, AND he underwent 24-hour isolation. confinement before the eviction vote.

With Xavier holding the veto (and guaranteed to step down), Derek X and his allies made a last ditch effort to convince Sarah Beth that the backdoor wasn’t in her best interest. Unfortunately for them, Kyland still had a strong enough hold on her that their pleas fell on deaf ears. Sure enough, during the veto ceremony, Xavier stepped down and Derek X stepped up – sealing his fate next to Claire to sit in the nominating chairs on the night of the eviction.

Big Brother 23: A moving plane stays in motion

After the successful backdoor, several attempts were made to reverse the vote and keep Derek X in the house – all led by Tiffany. To its credit, it was the closest we’ve spent the entire season to a real turnaround, but not enough people were on the same page that the numbers were there to keep DX. Azah, Tiffany, Hannah and Kyland would have been all he needed to stay this week, but when things didn’t improve Derek X told Tiffany that she should vote with the rest of the house if he did not have the numbers, in order to prevent a target from being put on his back for trying to keep him.

Even though Kyland * got away * and voted to keep Derek X, Azah was still too afraid to go against HOH’s wishes, and with Azah not on board, Tiffany kept Derek X’s word and voted against him not to incriminate him. himself. The vote was two to keep him (Hannah and Kyland) and five to send him home (Xavier, Azah, Tiffany, Derek F, Alyssa), officially making Derek X the second guest to hit the jury.

After Derek X was kicked out, it was Tiffany who clinched the victory in a memory quiz, which likely sealed Sarah Beth’s fate – not only did she kick Tiffany’s closest ally out , but she’s also been on Tiffany’s hit list since week 2. While the crucial piece of fate (which essentially gives the user coup power) could upend the game, the outcome of the draw fate depends on the guests who have enough money in their secret (and America’s) envelopes to play.

Big Brother 23: Week 7 Superlatives

Clutch set of the week: Derek X neglecting to play in the high roller competition secured his fate as a backdoor target.

Most memorable moment: Derek X told Julie during her exit interview that when it comes to a possible relationship with Hannah: “Expect the unexpected.” Honorable mention: Xavier walks slowly to vote for his expulsion while wearing an Afro hairstyle.

Invited to the best place: Hannah continues to be in a great position, with her closest ally, Tiffany, as the new HOH.

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