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The first of two homes on site, built in 2004 and 2005, sold for more than $ 460,000, the teacher said. The bursting of the housing bubble took years between the first and second projects, he said. The one under construction now, which is smaller, could cost over $ 300,000. A prospective buyer has already emerged for it, even in its first phase of construction.

The placement potential of BTEC students is greater than the business value. About 100 companies and individuals participated in all aspects of the first construction. Up to 100 are likely to be involved in the construction of the new one on Ridgely Lane. These companies have a good overview of potential employees and about five students a year are employed by the time they graduate, Simmons said.

Hunter Mundy, 17, a rising senior, has a job with one of the area’s power companies.

The point, he said, is “just to find out more and see where it takes me, I think, to learn new things,” he said.

Hunter Altizer, 17, said that during his two years at BTEC, he gained a wide range of home building knowledge and skills.

“I didn’t know anything about electricity, but now I could wire just about anything with a house,” said Altizer, a rising senior.

Much of this happened during an era of a pandemic that shattered normal school sessions and put the project behind schedule. But since work resumed in late April on what will be a 1,529-square-foot two-bedroom home, the boys have spent every possible minute of class time to complete the foundation. They did it 75% of the time before they had to clean up the site and bring the tools back to class at the end of the semester. They will complete this part of the job in the fall, and if all goes well, the house will be ready for sale in the spring of 2022.

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