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Canalys announced today that global PC sales fell 2% in the third quarter, but perhaps the most surprising data point in the latest PC market research was that Chromebook sales were slowing. by half, from 18% of total sales last quarter to just 9% this one. .

The good news for the market in general was that with more than 122 million units moved during the quarter, those numbers were still above pre-pandemic levels, but there are clouds of thunderstorm on the horizon as global supply chain issues could complicate things for PC makers. in the coming quarters.

Overall Chromebook sales were down 37% year-over-year, as the pandemic-induced sales frenzy ultimately slowed down with 5.3 million units sold. The numbers for Chromebooks reflected the sales slump, with major Chromebook retailers enjoying huge success. The main supplier, Lenovo, lost more than 20% year on year, while HP, in second place, lost 66% and Acer, in third place, lost more than 28%.

Canalys speculated this had more to do with market saturation than with parts shortages or other supply chain issues. “The Chromebook market was hit by a massive slowdown, with shipments falling 37% yoy (52% qoq) in the third quarter. This comes as major education markets such as the United States and Japan are reaching saturation point, with public funding for digital education programs slowing, ”according to the company.

Graph showing overall PC and Chromebook sales as a percentage of those sales.  Overall Chromebook sales fell from 18% of total sales last quarter to 9% this quarter.

Image credits: Canalys

Meanwhile, tablet shipments fell 15% year-over-year, with sales falling in all regions except Asia-Pacific, which turned the tide with sales. sales up 23%. Compare that with North America where sales are down 24%.

Apple has retained the lead in the tablet market with 40% of the market, down from 34.4% a year ago, but it wasn’t as good as it looks as they sold almost exactly the same number of tablets. units than last year. , which means they had 0% growth. Samsung’s market share declined a notch from 20.4% a year ago to 19.1% this quarter, but sales fell sharply, down more than 20% from the previous quarter. ‘last year. Lenovo came in third with an 11.3% share, up from 9.5% a year ago, and good for modest growth of 2%.

Overall PC sales told a slightly better story with major vendor Lenovo up 4.1%, Apple second up 4.6% and HP third in the negative column down 5, 7% with the company particularly affected by the decline in Chromebook sales.

Brian Lynch, research analyst at Canalys, says the holiday shopping season can bring some relief despite supply chain issues. “Sales will improve in the fourth quarter despite supply chain issues, largely due to vacation consumer demand around the world. This will require less expensive devices that consume less material. Consumers tend to buy less powerful devices, which puts less pressure on component manufacturers, ”Lynch told TechCrunch. That said, the company expects relatively static performance in the fourth quarter in terms of year-over-year growth, followed by marginal and steady growth in 2022 and beyond.

It should be noted that Canalys counts sales in the channel, rather than sales to end customers for its market research methodology. This means it counts the units sold to a company like Best Buy or Staples, rather than to an end user.

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