COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc in high school sports with game cancellations and reschedules


WASHINGTON, Ind. (WFIE) – The coronavirus has obviously had a massive impact on all walks of life, including the world of sports.

That remains the case for high school football this season, as COVID-19 has turned planning into a major juggling act.

For example, McLean County and Washington met at Hatchet Hollow on Saturday night for a “pop-up” game. It comes a day after the Cougars lost their original opponent when Breckinridge County was forced to cancel due to COVID concerns.

Following the cancellation, McLean County head coach Zach Wagner set out to find a replacement opponent and found one with Washington, who already had an open week.

The Hatchets jumped at the chance to schedule Saturday’s game after their Week 1 game with West Vigo also had to be called off due to the coronavirus.

Wagner spoke with 14 Sports about the unpredictability of the past two seasons due to the pandemic.

“I think unfortunately this is the new normal, and going forward maybe this is how our season is going,” said Wagner. “It’s an added frustration to the season to start, that not only are we training, but keeping our children, families and community safe by following any protocol we can. So we wanted to make sure that this year, in the event of a game being canceled, what we got, we were going to play with who we could just to make sure our kids had reps during the game. ”

Barring unforeseen changes, McLean County is expected to play next week in Grayson County, while Washington is expected to host Gibson Southern.

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