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DENVER (CBS4) – Denver Public School Board Principal Tay Anderson will step down from his daily duties during the investigation into allegations he sexually assaulted dozens of students who were undocumented immigrants.

Tay Anderson (credit: CBS)

“These false statements have put my family and [me]prejudicially, ”Anderson tweeted. “I must first protect those I love, which is why I will step down from the day-to-day functions of the board of directors until the independent investigation is completed.

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“I am confident that the ongoing investigation will prove what I have said from day one and that is that I have never sexually assaulted anyone,” Anderson said. “I look forward to coming back in the coming months to continue the fight for the students of Denver.”

The rest of Anderson’s DPS board members agreed with her decision to step down from routine board functions and events until the conclusion of the board-authorized investigation on April 6.

However, Director Anderson will continue to vote on necessary matters – including the hiring of a new superintendent.

The school board encouraged anyone with relevant information to contact the Investigations Law Group at [email protected]

“It is extremely important that all people feel safe and supported to participate in this process,” officials said. “We seek the truth and we are committed to putting in place a fair and thorough process for all those currently involved and for all those who are considering moving forward.”

Last week, Mary Brooks Fleming, mother of three from the Denver Public School District, testified at a state legislature legislative committee, claiming someone from the district was sexually assaulting and targeting more of 60 children. She did not name the individual.

Mary Brooks Fleming (credit: CBS)

Fleming testified that some of the children were violently raped by the employee and in some cases he was asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

“People came to my house asking for medical care. One of them was only 14 years old and needed stitches. A total of 61 high school students and one recent graduate turned to me for help, ”Fleming said. “Sixty-two victims as young as 14! Sixty-one were undocumented or dreaming. They were all so afraid of this one man.

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The DPS School Board released a statement Friday night acknowledging the charges were against Anderson, and confirmed that Denver Police were also aware of the allegations. Police investigators spoke with Fleming about his comments, but did not hear any victims.

Anderson has been under investigation since April for a previous allegation of sexual assault.

Anderson denied the charges and Denver Police told CBS4 that no report had been filed.

Anderson was elected to the board in 2019. He released his own statement saying in part, “These allegations are troubling and need to be investigated. We need to make sure that Denver’s public schools are a safe space for all students, and we need to build systems in our district that continually protect our students from any possibility of harm while in our care.

Tay Anderson, Denver Public School Board Member

Newly elected DPS school board member Tay Anderson, center, becomes emotional as he takes the oath as his mother, Mia Anderson, swears it, at DPS headquarters at 1860 Lincoln Street on December 4, 2019 ( Photo by Helen H. Richardson / Getty Images)

Anderson’s attorney, Christopher Decker, made the following statement to CBS4:

Director Anderson categorically denies the most recent allegations that have been made against him. He looks forward to defending himself against these false allegations as soon as they emerge from anonymity in light of a fair investigation. To date, no allegations against Director Anderson have provided a date, location, individual, or details he can even respond to. When and if that happens, he will respond with details and corroborating evidence. To date, no law enforcement agency, government agency, or even an individual has contacted Director Anderson for details on any of these claims. Director Anderson implores the DPS lawyer to immediately respond to related allegations that they engaged in a criminal cover-up to silence dozens of victims who are DPS students. He is unaware of or participated in such a vile assertion to silence anyone, or claim, whatsoever. Finally, Director Anderson is saddened that so many people have rushed to try these inflammatory accusations. It asks again only for a fair and responsible investigation and investigation. He knows that will exonerate him. He continues to cooperate with the private investigation opened by the DPS and will cooperate with any criminal investigation that may be opened or in progress.

As a lawyer, I am particularly concerned that while no details or facts have been released regarding any of these allegations, it appears that many have already presumed his guilt, vilified him and ignored his contributions. important to the DPS community. I ask you to remind yourself that we are a nation of laws and principles. These should not be overshadowed by unproven and anonymous allegations, whatever their number or nature. The truth will be revealed and Director Anderson will be rid of these poisonous and false allegations.

Decker went on to say:

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“Nothing is worse or more unacceptable than the harm caused by sexual assault on our children, or the related harm caused by not believing those who have been victimized in this way. This is also why the false claims of these horrific crimes act to belittle and diminish its importance. It is because of these two truths that responsible individuals and organizations must carefully investigate these inflammatory allegations fully and with an open and fair process.

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