Former football star Herschel Walker aims to win Georgia Senate seat


Herschel Walker, the alleged domestic violence, playing Russian roulette, a not-so-tall businessman announced his campaign for the US Senate in Georgia on Tuesday. Can the former Bulldogs and NFL star win?

In a normal world, say, on Earth 1, there is no way that Walker would have any less of a chance. He’s a carpet contender with a alleged violent past against women and without qualifications for the job of any kind. He is not likable (I have met him) or inspiring.

In many ways, for various reasons, it is a mess. Train wrecks look at Walker and say: this is impressive.

So, yeah, in a normal world where people believe in facts and decency and, you know, being qualified for a job, Walker would be devastated. The fact that he was an icon in Georgia playing for the Bulldogs in the 1980s means little now for a demographic that has changed dramatically since then, the recognition of his name just doesn’t resonate like it once did.

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And anyone who thinks Walker will get a big chunk of the black vote in the 2022 election (if Walker passes the primary) against incumbent President Raphael Warnock, well, that’s just plain silly. Walker is the kind of candidate that someone on the extreme right would think could get the black vote because that person is never surrounded by black people.

Walker will likely be destroyed, but again, that’s in a normal world. We are not in a normal world. In this one, Earth 2, or five, or whatever dimension we’re in, Walker can win because so many people are nihilistic, selfish, data-averse, and so driven to put a finger in. the eye of the system, he could win almost like a prank.

In fact, conservative analysts say Walker can capture the main GOP on name recognition alone. If he does, then he will at least be in the ring with Warnock, as former President Donald Trump was with Hillary Clinton. Remember how it happened?

“I don’t know a single credible Republican strategist in Georgia or Washington who thinks he can be beaten in the primary,” wrote Erick Erickson, a conservative Atlanta-based radio host. “I don’t know a single credible Republican strategist who thinks he can win the general. The level of frustration and aggravation of Republicans in Georgia and Washington is hard to overestimate. Unless a Republican megadonator opens up. The nonstop fire on Walker with a Super PAC to air Walker’s dirty laundry will make it hard to beat his favorable identifying name in a GOP primary. “

Like another sports personality, Tommy Tuberville, don’t be surprised if Walker does few interviews and runs a disciplined campaign. I think Walker can do it and like Tuberville, he will stay close to Trump. The primary is set for May 24, 2022.

Walker is entering the political world at a time when everything in the world is upside down, making it the perfect place for someone like him.

We are a country where a significant part of it is not content hate expertise, we stand for ignorance. People are in fact proud to be misinformed. One of the smartest scientists this nation has ever produced had his life, and that of his family, threatened for telling the truth about COVID-19.

Part of the country has become wearing a mask in a war of cultures. Masks … one of the simplest tools to fight disease.

Do we even need to start on vaccines? Or how people take cattle dewormer instead of a proven COVID-19 solution.

All Walker has to do is do what his friend Trump has done, stick to the culture war issues and avoid talking about his past. In fact, Walker started doing it. He lambasted Black Lives Matter as anti-American and “Trained Marxists”. He criticized the NFL protesters.

“America is the biggest country in the world, but too many politicians in Washington are afraid to say so,” Walker said when announcing his candidacy. “Where else could a poor kid from a small town in Georgia become a high school major, win the Heisman Trophy, play professional football, represent the United States at the Olympics, and become CEO of multiple companies? lived the American dream, but I’m afraid it may slip away for a lot of people. “

Trump became president by laser-focusing on issues of race and culture. The fact that he was recorded saying that he grab women by their private parts or was accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women or after his election inspired a riot on Capitol Hill never damaged his popularity with die-hard Republicans.

All Walker has to do is make people scared and angry, two emotions that are the primary basis on Earth 2, and he can win. Add part of the draconian and racist voting restrictions as it is and the margins are even closer.

Will Walker beat Warnock?


Can he?

Can it be because you’ve seen what’s going on here on Earth 2?

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