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A playlist of 15 songs all performed, arranged, written, composed, produced and / or created by musicians from Georgia; this is what 20 artists must have been inspired by. From that playlist, 20 works of art are now on display at the Photopoint Gallery in Richmond Hill. The community has the chance to vote for their favorite piece of art from June 28 to September 7. In the end, one of them will come out on top and take home the Audience Award at this year’s Arts on the Coast 2021 annual exhibition, “To the South. The annual exhibition is the jewel of art exhibitions for the arts of the coast. This is the sixth consecutive year that it has been organized by the Photopoint Gallery in Richmond Hill. A three-person jury selects a Best in Show, Second Place, Third Place and Honorable Mention – cash prizes, ribbons and certificates are awarded. Joy Dunigan is both the owner of the Photopoint gallery and a member of the Arts on the Coast board of directors. She is excited to share locally made art once again this year. “Every year – because it’s a big year – we go all out,” Dunnigan said. “There is a theme and there is a huge call for nominations. It is not only an art exhibition that we organize for ourselves or for those who are generally interested in collecting works, but it is a more important way to get them to engage with us. Regarding the playlist, Dunigan said they made sure to choose a variety of artists from different genres so that everyone can choose. With many people drawn to the music of Johnny Mercer and Ray Charles, the tunes served as a guide for what the artwork ended up being. “There are paintings; there is photography; there are fibers; there is mixed media, ”Dunigan said. “Basically, as artists, the first thing we do when we go into the studio is put on some music. When we do that, we want to get in the mood, set the tone; in one form or another, we are influenced by music. The works that should be exhibited are those of Arts on the Coast members Tate Ellington, Joy Dunigan, Heather Young, Paul Downs, Patricia Harper Mathews, Carol Hartley, Nancy Schlossbach, Peter E. Roberts, Susan Diaz, Sarah Volker, Brenna Baluh, Jim Leahy, Peggy Jo Aughtry, Brenda Seagraves, Stella Ranae Von Schmid, Kathleen Hatcher, Juanita Middleton, Cindi Williams Lewis, Peach Hubbard and Brian Gilbert. “For centuries, you know, musical artists have taken inspiration from the visual arts to create songs almost as famous as painting,” Dunigan said. “So you had Nat King Cole singing ‘Mona Lisa’ and Don McLean singing ‘Starry, Starry Night’ in homage to Vincent Van Gogh. Coldplay – in 2008 – they had an album and the name and actual words on the album were from a painting by Frida Kahlo; of course, classical composers for ions were inspired by Botticelli and so on. All 20 works of art are now on display and ready for fan votes. The People’s Choice Award winner will be announced on September 8 on Arts on the Coast LIVE Facebook page. To view the virtual exhibit, visit

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