Here’s why the Glossier Mega-Popular solution is totally worth your money


Guess what? It works on * all * skin types! (And although it is often sold out, Solution is back in stock NOW)

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Here’s a story: PORES SUCK. The end.

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The same goes for pimples, irregularities and dark spots. You (and Regina) get it.

BuzzFeeders have it too, and we always try products in the hopes that they do a wonderful job on our skin. If you follow / use / enjoy skin care, chances are you’ve heard of the super popular Glossier Solution (it’s out of stock like … all the time).

Kyle Davis / BuzzFeed

He claims to “transform the skin” in four weeks! With ~ clinical trials ~ to back it up: “In a survey of Daily Solution users with acne-prone skin, 94% said their skin was lighter.

The key ingredients are packed with promising acids (AHA, BHA, and PHA, oh my God!) That reduce acne and dark spots, brighten, improve skin tone and texture, unclog pores, exfoliate and reduce hair loss. signs of stress. Sounds like the dictionary definition of effective TBH.

But now, Solution is fully IN STOCK, so now is the time to determine if this is right for you!

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The key is that Solution works its magic on ALL skin types. To make our case, four skincare obsessed BuzzFeeders talk about their skin types and experiences using the magic potion below:

Sensitive and dry skin: even in the middle of using Accutane, Solution, thanks to its ~ anti-stress complex ~, does not cause any inflammation or irritation and it is perfect for absorbing aftercare products!

Kyle Davis / BuzzFeed

As someone with fairly sensitive and dry skin, I was both excited and hesitant to try the Glossier solution. I’ve been looking for a good exfoliator for a while, but since my skin can’t always take harsh cleansers and exfoliating washes, I was stuck.

Fortunately, Solution has proven to be a viable exfoliant for me and my skin. I can really feel that my face is softer after use, and layering serums and moisturizers afterwards is a simple and perfectly buildable task. And since I’m currently taking Accutane for my skin, I use Solution every other day to proactively avoid potential skin irritation – and I think it’s helped a lot for my sensitive skin. –Kyle davis

Normal / sensitive skin with adult acne: For those looking to boost the active ingredients in their skincare routines to fight redness and adult acne, Solution is an excellent weapon to eliminate all those dead skin cells and accelerate cell renewal.

Sarah Han / BuzzFeed, Christina Lan / BuzzFeed

First of all, can we talk about the design? Its packaging is super ergonomic and smart with a curved pump that adapts to their Round 100% cotton, which means zero mess! I’m all for hygienic products and cotton rounds are so luxurious and useful like yes I’m really pampering my skin here. I think it’s also good “portion control” in terms of how much you apply because I’m really afraid of scrubs – let’s get that out of the way – and I never want to overdo it. Let’s get back to the whole scared part: I know exfoliation is part of a healthy skin care routine, but exfoliators (chemical and physical) always seem to make my skin angrier, so I stop using them right now.

Enter Solution. It doesn’t drive my sensitive skin crazy or produce unwanted new bumps! The only exfoliant I have tried so far. Important note: I only use it about twice (sometimes three) a week. But I still feel the results – literally my skin has never felt so soft as a baby (and I love moisturizers like no other). But it’s a different kind of sweet – so soft, refreshing, and like I’ve never had a bump on my face, ever! It stings a bit, but there is no usual redness that follows. My skin is so much brighter and more even after a month of regular use, and for that I am eternally grateful. –Sarah han

Dry skin prone to cystic acne: Solution intensifies and reduces pimples and redness overnight when your regular products don’t work.

AnaMaria Glavan / BuzzFeed

My skin is super dry in winter and I absolutely do not swear by Hamamelis Thayers toner – it helps keep my rashes and redness at bay without further drying out my skin. However, I have cystic rashes around my chin – especially once a month, if you know what I mean – and even my beloved witch hazel couldn’t help me with that. THEREFORE! I decided to slowly incorporate the Glossier solution into my skin care regimen.

Last week I was having a pretty bad time when I decided to use it after washing my face. I needed just one pump to cover my entire face (paying special attention to my problem areas, including around my chin and near my temples). The next morning my skin was definitely a little dry, but my pimples were all but gone. The improvement overnight was dramatic, and none of my spots had an angry shade of red as usual. While I think this product is a little too dry to use every night if you have dry skin, using it twice a week is the perfect “pimple killer” dose for me! It is certainly a must have product for preventing rashes. –AnaMaria Glavan

Oily and dull-looking skin: Solution helps dissolve dead skin cells trapped in the pores and on the surface of your skin (which contribute to dullness and rashes!) to reveal brighter skin. #datglow

James Harness / BuzzFeed

Anyone with oily skin knows that trying new products is like playing Russian roulette. When you find something that works and doesn’t blow your mind, you stick with it! I was very nervous to try Solution, but let me tell you it was worth the risk! Most of the newer products I use break me down (especially toners and oils). Having said that, Solution is an acid, and I seriously swear by that stuff now. When you have oily skin, it is easy for your face to appear dull because the skin cells do not regenerate as quickly as a person with normal skin. The solution helped dissolve the dead cells that are usually trapped on my face causing a dull complexion and breakouts. So, Solution really helped me look brighter and more vibrant, while also preventing my acne.

I’m obsessed with it (and I’m not obsessed with a lot of products, especially Glossier because until Solution I thought the brand was just nice packaging for people who already have good skin). Im impressed and suggest it to anyone who feels like they have a more radiant complexion waiting to be revealed under oily or dull looking skin! Sometimes your dead skin cells just need a little help getting away from your face so the fresh skin can be revealed! –James harness

Convinced? You should be. But the solution doesn’t stay in stock for long, so take advantage of it when it’s available (aka AT THE CURRENT TIME!) Get Glossier’s solution for $ 24.

Hello, brighter, happier skin!

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