‘Intersection’ exhibition open at MU’s McCune Art Gallery


Methodist University has a reputation of over a decade for presenting unique exhibitions at one of Fayetteville’s premier art venues – the David McCune International Art Gallery. It is therefore not surprising that its fall exhibition is both unique in terms of presentation and experience for the public.

Vernissage at McCune, located at the Bethune Center for Visual Arts on the MU campus, the free exhibition entitled Intersection will be open to the campus community and the public until December 1. The opening hours of the gallery are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday every week (except MU holidays). The gallery follows all campus security protocols related to COVID-19.

“Like all of our shows, this one will feature incredible artists and their works,” said Professor MU of Art Vilas Tonape. “But it will also be quite unique in that it will lead the guest to an experience of appreciating not only the similarities of the art presented, but also the differences. It is truly an intersection, where people will visit the gallery from all walks of life and appreciate both the commonalities and the differences. All are welcome and will enjoy this exhibition.

Intersection will feature works (which are for sale) by Andrea Keys Connell, Zhimin Guan, Sondra (Soni) Martin and Winter Rusiloski. Each has presented their work nationally and internationally and occupies teaching positions in higher education institutions.

• Rusiloski: Survey on abstract landscapes for 20 years; more than 30 exhibitions-competitions around the world since 2016; paintings in public and private collections; Assistant Professor of Painting in the Department of Art and Art History at Baylor University.

• Martin: Commissions, grants and important prizes; works in private and corporate collections; expertise in studio arts (sculpture, printmaking, painting) and theory of contemporary art; professor of visual art at Fayetteville State University.

• Guan: Presented in more than 200 professional exhibitions, including 20 personal exhibitions; pieces from the permanent collections of museums in the United States, China and Singapore; art professor at Minnesota State University Moorhead.

• Connell: Over a dozen personal exhibitions; featured in numerous publications; taught figure sculpture workshops at craft schools; Associate Professor of Ceramics in the Department of Fine Arts at Appalachian State University.

“This unique selection of artists brings together paintings and sculptures in an exciting way that allows the viewer to contemplate multiple dimensions and the medium’s ability to play with the intersection between landscape, figure and ground,” a said Connell.

Each of the artists – and certainly Tonape, the curator – appreciates the gallery, which has had many successful exhibitions featuring artists such as Warhol, Chagall, Rodin, Picasso and, more recently, Rembrandt. The university, the Fine and Performing Arts Division, and the Gallery also feature exhibits of work by MU students, faculty, staff, and local artists.

“I am very happy to be part of such an exceptional exhibition in a stellar international art gallery,” said Rusiloski.

Tonape knows the quality of the art on display and the offer that would certainly be a success in itself, but he was determined in his efforts to bring in artists and work that would resonate with the students.

Intersection presents many perspectives and a diversity of work, which is perfect for a liberal arts university, ”he said. “We have painting, abstract painting, ceramics and sculpture classes, and the students can see how these art forms can work together and also be very different… now, or they will in the future.

The fall exhibition at the McCune Gallery at Methodist University is truly a “Intersection.”

Pictured: The Intersection exhibit features the work of four artists: Winter Rusiloski, Soni Martin, Zhimin Guan, and Andrea Keys Connell. (Photo by Gabrielle Allison)


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