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Kolkata: Schools start online writing sessions | Calcutta News

KOLKATA: Since the preparatory exams are over and the board students are at home, most schools have started special online writing sessions for them, noticing that the students have developed severe writing problems. and spelling and that many of them can lose points due to lack of practice.
“Oral question-and-answer sessions don’t help. Writing well is a skill that needs to be honed and these kids have lost the practice. We get them to write as much as we can, ”said Seema Sapru, Principal of Heritage School.
“With so much WhatsApping, kids started writing ‘u’ instead of you and ‘r’ instead of are quite frequently. I’m worried! ”Said TH Ireland, Principal of St James’s School.
Richard Gasper, principal of St Augustine Day School in Kolkata, said their teachers give students both verbal and written tasks.
“We give the kids board exam papers to solve within a given time frame. Their online routine also includes problem-solving and remedial sessions, ”said Indrani Chattopadhyay, deputy director of DPS Ruby Park.
“We are constantly running practice sessions so that students can write all at once without moving from their seats,” said Meena Kak, director of Lakshmipat Singhania Academy.