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SPOILER CAUTION: This article contains some spoilers for Bio AP Season 4.

Since Bio APIn the first episode of, the relationship between Stef Duncan, Mary Wagner and Michelle Jones became an integral part of the series. This group of close friends have been teaching together at Whitlock High School for years, and this bond has proven to be an important part of their ongoing survival tactics in what can be really tough work at the best of times. Ultimately, the reason their relationship seems so easy on screen is that it comes from a very real place.

Speaking to CBR, Lyric Lewis, Mary Sohn, and Jean Villepique spoke about being friends behind the scenes and how it manifests on screen. They also teased what Season 4 has in store for their characters, which includes new games on the horizon, as well as their ongoing efforts to force Jack into his new life in Toledo – whether he likes it or not. .

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CBR: One of the things that impressed me from the first moment with Stef, Mary and Michelle is that you’ve been able to really communicate the strong bond between them since the very first episode, throughout. from the Serie. until there. How does that dynamic continue to evolve in Season 4 for them?

Lewis lyrics: I just feel like they just keep going through the different things they’re going through. Life is changing. Stef is having a baby. Things like that. I feel like they’re just continuing the friendship and the love continues to deepen in a very genuine and authentic way, both on screen and off. So, I feel like it’s just that. The more they go through with each other, dealing with Jack and their students and just about life. It just keeps going deeper into that and really being there for each other.

Marie Sohn: Yeah, I think Lyric talked about it a bit. I think the fact that we, as real people, as actors, continue to grow as friends. I think it gives them more to shoot. I also think the games continue to evolve too. So where maybe it was a pizza slap before, this year is a lunch roulette. There are just little games that keep evolving.

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Dirty Durbs was, moreover, a disturbing game.

Sohn: Absoutely.

Jean, and you? What do you think of the evolution of this connection between them?

Jean Villepique: I moved on.

Sohn: Shut up, Jean.

Villepique: No, these ladies are two of my close friends in real life, and the last people we saw before COVID. We had to stop season 3. Then I saw no one other than my husband and my son for a year.

Then to get back to work, it made the bond even more fierce and strong and wonderful. There are times in this season that were really special where we’re in a bar, we help Helen with her love life, but we all had to hang out in a fake bar, which we hadn’t all been doing for a year. . So, I really, really ate from this experience for a while. It was so wonderful to see these guys. The love we have for each other has helped us navigate new circumstances.

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When I watch the show, I feel like Michelle is constantly holding back a part of herself on some level, that there is always more to her than meets the eye. Every time she says something, I feel like I’m learning something new about the character. Should her friends question a little more about who she is, to dig a little deeper, you think?

Villepique: I think so. I mean, there’s definitely a Kendall Jackson tattoo on the lower back. There are a lot of weird behaviors and mysteries. I think it’s Mary and Stef’s duty to get to the bottom of this.

Sohn: Oh, that endless grave. No thanks.

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Mary has a competitive side that kind of lurks. Sometimes it pops up. I have the impression that sometimes her friendship with Stef brings out that side in her a little. How do you see that evolving in season 4?

Sohn: You know, I think it’s funny, because like you said earlier in the questions of how this friendship is progressing, I think it also shows up in the times when they don’t agree on something or where they are competitive on something. But I think what’s always happening is that it shows that I think the three of us in particular are teasing each other for inclusion. I think even the teasing is starting to get competitive over who can roast themselves harder, right? It really was born out of love.

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Stef is a teacher. She obviously enjoys her job. She is obviously passionate about it. She might not always act like she likes it, but she really does. What do you think makes him want to teach? How is season 4 more interested in these kinds of motivations?

Lewis: Well, I think Stef is basically a human person. She loves people. So whether it’s adults or teenagers, she loves to connect. And I think she loves him … Like, she’s very curious about her world, which she always has on her side pushing people around. I feel like [she]loves being active and I think she loves her students and faculty. I honestly think she really enjoys being in school, you know what I mean? The teachers love to hang out there. So I think we’re seeing more of that.

Stef has a very real time in school once people see him. She didn’t even get to the hospital on time. She let it all tear up [in]school, in his favorite place, in the teachers’ room. So I think that’s it. She loves to connect with people and her students. School is his family. Honestly, these are his people. So I think that’s it.

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Stef, Mary, and Michelle took the initiative to pull Jack out of his shell and try to force him to actually engage with the school, the students, and, let’s be honest, Toledo as a whole. How do you see their efforts progressing in Season 4?

Lewis: You know what, I think they’re doing really well. At the end of Season 4, I feel like it’s completely integrated into Whitlock and the lives of these women and that they will forever be integrated into his in a very real way. So, I can’t wait for people to see. It wraps really well and it’s really cute, actually.

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Mary, I would like to have your opinion as well. Quite simply because Mary Wagner was obviously very involved in opening her proctology exam to the world.

Sohn: This is friendship there. It’s funny because I feel like we see a little softer side of Jack this season and we see him a little more immersed.

Also, a little tangent, but we had to do a ton of scenes with David Neher playing Dave. And I feel like I’m intimidating her, Jack is one of them too. Everyone bully Dave and it’s kind of like a family hobby.

AP Bio Season 4 is now streaming on Peacock.

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