Mom forces kids to eat Skittles for a “solid month” before realizing they taste like “rotten flesh” or “dirty diapers”


A mom fed her kids Zombie Skittles for a whole month before realizing what they were, and now his post is go viral.

Mom and photographer Emily Massingill gained over 100,000 likes, 32,000 comments and 89,000 shares when she posted her story on Facebook.

Now just like the mom who was horrified to realize she was sitting in the wrong car and was ranting with a teenager about tampons, Emily’s comical mistake is making the rounds of Internet users!

Emily’s message reads, “If you feel like a bad mother today, don’t worry. I gave these pins to my kids for a month without realizing there’s a Skittle in there that tastes like rotten flesh or 54 dirty diapers in the trash …

“They kept telling me they didn’t like bowling, and I told them to eat them or they would never have candy again if they were ungrateful.”

The mother’s post gained so much popularity – and so many negative reactions – that she felt the need to edit the post to add more detail.

“Modification to add, now [that]it exploded, which is insane to me: I don’t give my kids candy EVERY DAY. But for a month when they had candy, that’s what they got. They only traveled about six packages …

“Plus, for all of you who say I’m a horrible parent and ruin the lives of my kids, my Venmo is @emilymichellephotos if you want to contribute to their therapy fund for later in life.” They will need the best because of this incident, I assure you.

Responding to further criticism, Emily edited the post once again to address her enemies: It’s Skittles, not horseradish, sit back, listen to yourself. The ones I ate were good, unfortunately for my children.

Not everyone agreed that the Skittles story was funny …

Emily’s message received a mixture of reactions. Some parents found the story hilarious, while others took issue with its methods.

“The poor kid will have Skittles Post Traumatic Stress Disorder later in life. His traumatized face makes me crack, ”wrote a parent, accompanied by laughing emojis.

“It’s awesome !! One day your kids will remember this and laugh so hard with you. And hey… maybe they won’t want any more candy ?!” another user commented.

“The best Russian roulette game ever. My son ate them and he’s fine, [he would just]spit out the bad guys, ”one mom wrote.

“My children refused them too. Similar thoughts of “ungrateful child”, but I finally ate a bunch and almost threw up. Nevertheless, the whole bag was thrown away. We laughed about it, ”said another parent.

“Crazy, you must have put two changes in [because]People are so dumb and act like they’re the # 1 parents 24/7, ”one user commented.

“I’m laughing so much! I can’t believe people took the time to attack you as a mother. We all did little fun things that will mark our children for life… just like our parents did to us. . Enlighten people !!! ” another parent wrote.

“Poor kids. That’s why parents should listen more when they say they don’t like something, ”wrote a disapproving parent.

“Yeah sorry, I can’t really agree with this post and I don’t find it funny… Coming from someone who spent four months in an eating disorder clinic in Denver, a lot of people are developing eating disorders from childhood experiences similar to this one. Example: a parent feeding a child food it’s disgusting that they don’t want to eat and basically say if they don’t eat that food so they get nothing else and are ungrateful. There is a lot of psychology behind it… Very harmful, ”wrote another user.

“You give a couple to your children [of]small pieces (like Skittles) everyday is not the problem. The problem is, you want to assume that your kids were picky and ungrateful. You should treat your children with respect and listen to them when they say they don’t like something. Your answer should have been, “Oh, no. Well we can try another candy then, “no,” I just assumed they were ungrateful at first, “wrote one parent.

While the internet may never agree on the history of Emily’s Skittle, it’s safe to assume that we can all agree on one point: that Skittles must have a very talented flavor team to. capturing tastes so disgusting that even little kids won’t want to eat them!

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