New educational initiative seeks to retain young people in Lima


LIMA – New efforts are being made to improve educational support in Lima. Nine Consulting Services announced Wednesday that they are launching an “education is the key” initiative. The program plans to work with area schools, community partners, and local government to not only improve educational opportunities for black students in Lima, but also help bring those students back to the area after pursuing higher education.

“We want our parents to understand, now that the school is open, that they really need to focus on education,” said Jeffrey Kirkman, CEO of Nine Consulting. “We want to make sure that our children get the best education possible because we need to make our black and brown students do better in education to move our community forward.”

Kirkman said although the program is still in its early stages, the need for more support services has been identified.

“We know the need is there,” he said. “The most important thing now is to inform our parents and make them understand the importance of education, because once they understand this, they will follow their children (with) all the problems they face. at school. They will be above it.

A key part of the plan is to help bring back black students who have left Lima by partnering with local businesses to help provide more employment and internship opportunities for new graduates.

“When (the students) come here in the summer, they can’t find a job. Once they graduate, they won’t come back to Lima, ”Kirkman said. “But if they have an interest here and they feel like they’ve set foot here and we’re treating them well and giving them a decent job, after they graduate they can come back here and stay.” This is what we need.

Through the program, students in need can be identified and receive grants, tutoring, and other resources that could put them on a level playing field, giving them a boost in high school before heading to college. ‘university.

Jeffrey Kirkman spoke at the mayor’s press conference on Wednesday about a new “education is the key” initiative that aims to provide more resources to black students in Lima and help bring local talent back to Lima after graduated from university.

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