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By Noah Ebije, Kaduna

Retirees of the late, Nigeria Telecommunications Limited, NITEL / MTEL, wrote an appeal to President Muhammadu Buhari about their overdue entitlements.

The retirees are asking President Buhari to intervene in their case, as they still owe 77 months of pension arrears.

They claimed that despite the president’s directive to restore their pensions, there was no sign of paying them.

The letter written by the relevant retiree members of NITEL / MTEL pointed out that while most of our counterparts in other privatized government agencies have been resolved, their own fate is at stake.

The letter signed by the head of the group, Mr. Kunle Ojo, said that the PTAD executive secretary constantly reminds them that the settlement of their pension arrears is subject to the release of funds by the federal government.

According to the letter, “Your Excellency Sir, we, the retirees of NITEL / MTEL, deeply appreciate your humanitarian gesture to restore our pensions.

“We humbly point out to you that we still have 77 months of arrears.

“What hurts us is that most of our counterparts in other privatized government agencies were settled while you signed executive decrees granting their full settlement.

“We do not ignore your magnanimity in ensuring the well-being of the disadvantaged and the elderly that you sincerely promised in your inaugural address. Your fatherly persuasion to the action that restored our monthly pensions has met us halfway and we are grateful to you.

“There remains however the settlement of our arrears for which we now use this medium to ask you to use your exalted offices to make this possible by the end of this fiscal year 2021 as promised and which we firmly believe is achievable as secretary. PTAD’s executive has unequivocally promised to settle the said arrears this year, but as it stands, no action has been taken even as the year draws to an inevitable end.

“On top of that, she constantly reminds us (rather frustratingly) that the settlement of our arrears is subject to the release of funds by the federal government.

“It is here that we strongly call on Your Excellency to step in as many of us have died while awaiting the fulfillment of your promise and those of us who are alive are also vulnerable without the full reception of our arrears for allow us to take care of a lot of medical care, as well as other various problems.

“Let it be said that settling our arrears has been one of the shining features of your administration. We salute you, Your Excellency, ”reads the letter.


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