One of Onondaga County’s Large School Districts Steps Up Security to Stop Violent, Unruly Students


North Syracuse, NY – Officials at the North Syracuse Central School District are stepping up security at middle and high school buildings after widespread fighting, vandalism, theft and destruction of property last week.

In a letter to parents and staff sent today, Superintendent Daniel Bowles said there had been “several instances of disruptive student behavior” at these schools this week.

The incidents “are very worrying”, and there will be consequences, he said in the letter.

The district has added more school resource officers, who are deputies to the Onondaga County sheriff, in buildings, Bowles said. Additional administrative staff are also stationed in the buildings.

Bowles said part of providing an education for students is making sure that “our students and staff feel safe and respected in our buildings,” and what is going on undermines that sense of security.

He called on parents to talk to their children about what is appropriate behavior, both while they are in school and on social media.

School officials in central New York City and across the country have faced similar disruptive behavior this school year.

The TikTok “Devious Licks” Challenge encourages students to damage and steal school property for clicks and social media attention. Although TikTok has removed the videos from the site, in some cases the destruction persists, especially in the student bathrooms.

The fighting is also taking place in other central schools in New York.

Henninger High School in the City of Syracuse School District had a hard time last week, with a scuffle, arrest and gun search resulting in a day off from school. At Liverpool High School last week, a pupil was arrested and charged with grabbing a student and teacher in their crotches.

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