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Online: Writing a Sense of Belonging with Felicity Castagna – Event Information

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The phrase “a sense of belonging” is a critical slogan that often defies clear understanding. As readers, we know when a writer has created a “great sense of place”. But what does that mean? It’s hopelessly vague. In this online writing course with Felicite Castagna, participants will meticulously examine the techniques writers use to convey “a sense of place,” as well as the role it plays in creative writing. When writing about a place, the writer must consider more than its physical attributes or its location.

This course will provide creative strategies such as: seeing place as a character; discover the meaning and personal identity of the place; discover the meaning of home and discover a place’s relationship to the natural world. Participants will learn: how to write “in detail” as opposed to too much detail; how to offer an unexpected path through a place and some strategies for weaving a sense of place into the narrative.

Online: Writing a Sense of Place is suitable for those who want to creatively explore a place through many different modes such as fiction, memoir, creative non-fiction, and travel writing.