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In a great life, where is the story? Everyone has not just one story but thousands. Somewhere in your many years of encounters, lessons and relationships is the story you need to tell. It can be sad, it can be happy, complicated or simple, it can be just for you or it can be a story that many people can share.

How do you condense a whole person into a memorable character on the page? What about legal and ethical issues – how do you respect someone’s privacy while telling the truth? And what are the ingredients that make a memoir something you not only want to read, but people you’ve never met want to read?

It’s one thing to live it; another to write it down. In this six-week online course, Kate Holden takes you through discussions, exercises and story sharing to help you shed the cobwebs and tumbleweeds and find the story inside you – and the best way to make it sing .

This online writing dissertation course will include practical elements and writing exercises as well as discussions focused on theoretical issues.

This workshop will cover:

  • reasons to write
  • motivations for publishing
  • memory and verification, permissions and permissions
  • legal and ethical issues
  • style and voice issues
  • refine a story arc
  • boring and captivating memoirs

This course involves submitting short writing exercises and giving and receiving feedback from peers. Participants will receive limited feedback from the tutor.