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Online: Writing Bodies with Amanda Niehaus – Event Information

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Our bodies carry us through our lives, but what are we carrying in our bodies, or on them? Bodies are an essential part of fictional or non-fictional worlds, and writers can use biological knowledge of the body to create deeper characters and more immersive scenes. Rejoin Amanda Nihaus for this online writing course exploring innovative approaches to writing bodies.

First, we’ll explore aspects of the body, including the evolution of body shapes, organ names, and the ability of cells to regenerate, and discuss how writers can use these to frame and spark new work, and improve their character writing skills. .

For many of us, our bodies take on different roles throughout our lives: growth spurts, puberty, reproduction, disability, illness, aging. We will also look at how our bodies mark our lived experiences, via our microbiota, changes in our DNA expression, immunity and scar tissue accumulation, microchimerism and latent viruses. We will discuss the metaphorical and physical weight of lived experiences, their representation in literature, and experiment with literary and biological incentives to create new works.