Oregon State and Guild Education Create Affordable Path to Online Degrees and Certificates for the US Workforce


CORVALLIS, Oregon – A new collaboration between Oregon State University and Guild Education, involving some of the largest employers in the United States, allows working adults to access Oregon State’s top-ranked online programs while reducing or significantly eliminating their student debt.

The agreement announced today between Oregon State Ecampus and Guild Education, the nation’s leading education and development platform, creates a direct and affordable path to Oregon State’s online education.

Guild supports American workers alongside some of the nation’s largest employers, including Target, Chipotle, and Waste Management, by connecting skills enhancement with job mobility through technology, partnerships and student services. Guild’s Learning Marketplace connects employees to institutions such as the State of Oregon, while employers pay all or part of employee tuition.

“Working adults want to pursue flexible learning opportunities that will help them advance their careers, and Oregon State University is proud to help them do so online,” said Lisa L. Templeton, vice-president associated with OSU Ecampus. “We look forward to working alongside Guild to provide innovative educational solutions to the American workforce. “

“We are delighted to be working with Oregon State University,” said Paul Freedman, president of the Learning Marketplace at Guild Education. “Oregon State’s innovative online degree and certificate programs strategically align with the needs of working adult learners and support pathways for advancement. We have been particularly drawn to the State of Oregon’s commitment to veterans and Indigenous peoples in our country, and we are honored to have them join our Learning Marketplace.

Student service and engagement are areas where the state of Oregon stands out from peer institutions, according to US News & World Report. The organization ranks Ecampus # 4 nationally for online education. Guild also supports students by providing dedicated staff to guide employees through their learning and career paths.

The state of Oregon offers more than 85 undergraduate and graduate programs online. In the 2020-21 academic year, OSU Ecampus served over 12,000 exclusively distance learners in all 50 states and over 60 countries.

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About Guild Education: Guild Education is on a mission to unlock opportunities for the American workforce through education and development. B-Corp Certified, Founded to Bridge the Education-Employment Gap for the 88 million working adults in the United States who need to upgrade for the future of work, Guild is an educational platform that prepares workers and businesses for the future. Guild’s cutting-edge technology platform enables the nation’s largest employers, including Walmart, The Walt Disney Company and Chipotle, to deliver strategic training and skills upgrades to their employees. Guild connects them to a learning marketplace of the country’s top universities and learning providers, like Oregon State University, with tuition paid by the company. Guild serves learners who work in all 50 states, of which 54% are students of color and 56% are women. Guild’s Payment and Technology Platform, Organized Learning Marketplace and Advanced Education and Career Coaching come together to help working adult learners advance in their education and careers, debt-free. For more information, visit guildeducation.com.

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