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According to Habermann, research indicates that there aren’t many benefits to an extra year of preschool, but it was ultimately a decision for parents to make.

Central Springs is not the only one in its conference to offer this type of programming, said Lehmann. North Union doesn’t have any kindergarten prep at all, and some schools have half-day programs that are labeled as Kindergarten-Transition but use the Kindergarten curriculum, like Eagle Grove and Lake Mills, a. -he declares.

“You see more and more neighborhoods heading towards the kindergarten route and there is no difference in quality,” Habermann said.

In the end, the school board closed the discussion on the issue and moved on to its next agenda item, leaving the guidelines as they are.

According to Lehmann, one of the reasons for the board’s inaction was whether it changed things, how do they reconcile them in other areas. Another factor was how the district could remain unified with other conference participants if they changed the guidelines.

“We hope (parents) will understand that we need to have a big picture of all the children who come in,” Lehmann said.

Kohler responded to the decision by posting on Facebook: “They will not allow 5-year-olds to enter the preschool program. Incredibly disappointed with the school as we place the children in a failing environment.

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