Party Roulette: Group Games by GreenTomatoMedia


So you’re with your friends, maybe before the game, maybe after the game. Maybe right in the middle of the game…
You love roulettes but don’t have the money to spend in a casino.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We have JUST what you need to take your evening to the next level:

– Completely original rules
– Dirty games “never I never have”
– Crazy games “do you prefer”
– Speed ​​and reflex games
– Hilarious “more likely to …” votes
– A soft and elegant design

And, since we’re cool guys, the first game mode is absolutely FREE with no ads.
By the way, we are GreenTomatoMedia. If you take a look at what we do, you will see that we love to liven up your nights and entertain you in any way you need. If you want to support a team of young mobile gaming enthusiasts to catch fire when the sun goes down, play Party Roulette and let us know what you think by leaving us a comment. We always update our apps based on what we hear from all of you. So thank you!

– Includes in-app purchases
– No one should ever be forced to take on a challenge they are not comfortable with

Premium pack subscription & features:
Party Roulette offers an auto-renewing subscription option: $ 4.99 per week. Once you have confirmed your order, payment will be debited from your account, with the correct price for your country. The subscription will renew automatically on its end date. You can stop automatic renewal at any time. To avoid renewal, cancel it at least 24 hours before the end date of your subscription. No refund is available for unused time.
Terms and conditions:
Privacy policy:

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