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Santa Fe Public Schools is seeking community input on how to spend its third round of federal pandemic relief funding, totaling nearly $ 20 million.

The district is hosting a series of town halls this week to fulfill the US Department of Education’s mandate to seek community feedback before releasing plans related to funding.

The money is to be spent over the next three school years, and about $ 4 million is to be allocated to increasing learning time through before and after school programs, summer programs and extended school days.

Earlier this month, the district ran an online survey to get community feedback on the spending.

New Superintendent Larry Chavez and new Deputy District Superintendent of Programs and Training, Vanessa Romero, will present funding information to city halls.

The funding, called Elementary & Secondary School Emergency Relief, was distributed to states in response to the coronavirus pandemic this year as part of the federal government’s US bailout.

The state’s public education department received $ 979,056,256, the largest emergency aid allocation to date. There is a need to distribute 90 percent of the funds to local education agencies like Santa Fe public schools.

The ministry is setting aside more than $ 97,900 for emergency and administrative purposes, extended learning programs and more.

The state has also released priorities on how districts can use the funds, with a focus on areas such as accelerated education to address learning loss, internet connectivity, and support for “ at-risk students and students with disabilities ”.

Town halls regarding the funds will take place at Capital High School and online via Zoom later this week. American Sign Language and Spanish interpretation are available at both events, according to a leaflet released by the district.

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