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WAUSAU, Wisconsin (WAOW) – Schools have been in session for over a month and administrators in the area are reflecting on how the past month went.

At the start of COVID-19’s second year, classes across the country debated whether or not to make masks mandatory or optional.

Angie Lloyd, Director of Student Services for the Wausau School District, said “like all school districts around the world, we were nervous about starting this school year over again.”

The Wausau School District has an optional mask policy, but has added to the rules surrounding the coronavirus.

“We now have a quarantine policy that if we have our or more cases in an elementary-level classroom where we will quarantine that class,” Lloyd said, “On top of that is if the children show symptoms, we will send them home for testing. “

The Rhinelander School District also started the school year with an optional mask policy, but has since required masking for one of its elementary schools as they decrease their numbers.

“So we decided to go compulsory masking for two weeks and then assess on October 13,” said Rhine Schools Superintendent Eric Burke.

Administrators said the return of staff and students to the classroom brought back the spirit of the school.

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