Secular education will defeat the Taliban – Francis Petras | Letters to the Editor


The media is filled with violent attacks accusing one side or another of losing the war in Afghanistan. In a way, this is true. But in a deeper sense, it’s part of a war that continues – a war that we are winning.

It began in 1776 when enlightened men declared that humans, using their intellect and reason, are able to govern themselves. They don’t need popes, mullahs, ayatollahs or holy books. These are instruments that are used to control and operate.

America, started a revolution, resulted in the release of the potential of the human spirit in large parts of the world. What we are seeing in Afghanistan and the Middle East is the agony of ignorance and superstition dating back to the Dark Ages.

In Pashtun and Arabic, the word “Taliban” roughly means “religious students”. They are the product of madrasas and mosques. They have a very limited and selective education provided by the mullahs. Many Afghans have no education.

We are in a religious war that we will win if we stay true to our secular heritage. Today’s world would be free from war if there had been no religion.

Francis Petras, Prairie du Sac

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