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Writing school seeks opportunities for young people

Posted December 17, 2021 The Pescham Book Writing School, in Lagos, said young people would excel if they were given the right environment for them to thrive. Speaking at the students’ graduation ceremony, the founder of the school, Mr. Michael Elderbello, said that it was established to train, prepare and educate would-be writers towards professionalism. […]

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Best Online Writing Courses from Bestselling Authors and Writers

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Strong communication and writing skills will help you succeed in any profession. Online courses are an affordable way to learn writing tips and get feedback on your work. All courses on this list are taught by award-winning writers with decades of […]

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Word to Word Consulting hosts an online writing workshop for children

The session is organized by Word to Word Consulting and is open to 10 to 12 year olds Introduce your child to the world of books and writing with the online Words and Visuals program. This is the third edition of the program organized by Word to Word Consulting, a content management company. The session […]

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university provides online writing support during pandemic |

When unexpected events such as the coronavirus pandemic occur – disrupting life as we know it – people adapt by finding new ways to connect. Re-establishing the community was essential for the students and faculty at Stony Brook University, many of whom gathered at the Faculty Commons administered by the Center for Excellence in Learning […]

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Creative Writing Diploma, Online Writing Course

Aspiring authors and storytellers looking for a way to inspire themselves and spark their imaginations will find the Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and English with a Concentration in Fiction Writing be the perfect balance between craftsmanship and critical analysis. This BA program emphasizes the art of writing fiction and helps you develop an […]

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Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab and Chegg Partner to Make World-Class Writing Education Tools More Accessible

Purdue’s expert content and Chegg’s AI-powered platform provide on-demand access to tools that drive student success in school and in the workplace Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) and Chegg, Inc., have announced an exclusive agreement to integrate Chegg’s writing tools with Purdue University’s OWL content to support students at the ask when and where […]

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Benefits of Online Writing Services – Times Square Chronicles

Benefits of online writing services Academic composition is a task that every student eventually has to undergo. At an accredited college or preparatory school, anyone can understand the pressures associated with being a student. You and your parents hope that you get good grades, pass your classes, and have a bright economic future that includes […]

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Excelsior College to expand online writing lab – campus technology

Online learning Excelsior College to expand its online writing lab With a $ 300,000 two-year grant from the Kresge Foundation, Excelsior College is expanding the reach of its Online Writing Lab (OWL), an interactive, publicly accessible website designed to help students improve their writing skills. writing. The college plans to focus on promoting and growing […]