Teach Writing with The New York Times: Our 2021-22 Program


At the end of the unit, we invite teens to submit their own writing to our third annual STEM writing competition to show us what they’ve learned. (Dates: February 2, March 9, 2022)

March April

The demand for evidence-based argumentative writing is now built into homework across the curriculum and grade levels, and you can’t ask for better real-life examples than you can find in the Opinion section of The Times.

This unit is, like our others, supported by writing prompts, mentoring lesson plans, webinars and more. But thanks to the fact that we have been running the related competition for eight years now, we also have several lesson plans and videos that focus on successful teenage work, on topics as diverse as police, anti-Asian racism, the toxicity in games, the snow day savings, the “life-changing magic” of being messy and how “Animal Crossing” could save Gen Z.

At a time when media literacy is more important than ever, we hope that our annual student editorial competition can encourage students to expand their news regime with a range of trusted sources and to learn from diverse perspectives on the topic they chose. (Dates: March 2, April 13, 2022)

April May

Most of our writing units so far have all requested essays of one type or another, but this spring competition invites students to do what Times reporters do every day: multimedia to tell a story, investigate a problem or communicate a concept.

Our annual podcast competition gives students the freedom to talk about whatever they want in the form they like. In the past, we have had winners who have done personal stories, local travel reports, opinion pieces, interviews with community members, investigative journalism, and descriptions of scientific discoveries.

As with all of our other units, we’ve backed this contest with great examples from The Times and the web, as well as teen mentoring texts that offer guided practice to understand the elements and techniques. (Competition dates: April 6 to May 18, 2022)


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