The Ministry of Health stamps on the isolation of vaccinated people


The health ministry has asked those vaccinated and recovered who attended a performance in Beit She’an to self-quarantine after finding out that a woman in the audience tested positive for the coronavirus on Sunday morning. However, later on Sunday, the ministry said only people who are not vaccinated or cured should self-isolate, while those who are should get tested and avoid contact with people until they are. receive the results. The performance took place Thursday evening at Qimron Hall in the city of northern Israel. The ministry’s first recommendation marked an unprecedented development: current policy in Israel allows those who are fully vaccinated or recovered to skip isolation if exposed to a verified patient or returning from abroad – the only exception being the people who The announcement also came against the backdrop of a number of outbreaks in Israeli schools, with the ministry considering issuing a stronger recommendation that children between the ages of 12 and 15 be get vaccinated. Later Sunday, a meeting was held between Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Minister of Health Nitzan Horowitz to discuss the situation. In the past few days, at least three outbreaks have occurred in schools across the country. needs a school in the Sharon area that tested positive for the coronavirus, including 10 that were vaccinated, the Jerusalem Post learned. According to a school teacher and a series of WhatsApps between the teacher and other education professionals the Post has examined, the outbreak started with a teacher on Wednesday; a handful more were diagnosed on Thursday and several more over the weekend.

“Almost everyone went to get checked out, even though they were feeling fine,” the teacher, who asked to be known as Eran, told the Post. It is still unclear how many students are infected, although he said some were definitely young people. . The school has less than 200 students from all over Israel, as well as staff from all over the country. Eran said none of the staff were overseas, but he was unsure if any of his family, friends or entourage had traveled. Eran messaged the school in Petah Tikvah where his children are learning to inform them of the situation. The principal has decided to require for the moment that all students wear masks, including in open spaces, according to a WhatsApp communication seen in the post. The Post contacted the Ministry of Health for more details. SATURDAY, the ministry announced that several cases of coronavirus had been discovered in a school in Binyamina. After about 45 students tested positive on Sunday, the ministry ordered the wearing of masks in schools in Binyamina, Modi’in and Maccabim-Re’ut. The new mandate states that students must wear masks on all school grounds, including open areas. Only nine of the students who tested positive would have exhibited mild symptoms of coronavirus. The source of the outbreak is still under investigation, according to the ministry’s initial findings, but there is a link to a family who recently returned to Israel from overseas. Preliminary results from genetic sequencing suggest that children are infected with the Delta variant (commonly known as the Indian variant), which experts say is significantly more contagious than the British strain which is currently the dominant strain in the country. Earlier last week, another outbreak was reported at a school in Modi’in, with around 15 students infected. Two other students tested positive for the virus at Kibbutz Ashdot Ya’akov Ihud in the Jordan Valley after their father returned from Dubai, according to N12. As a result, the school’s classes were canceled. Several hundred students have been placed in home isolation due to the epidemics. The health ministry is considering changing the recommendation for immunizing 12 to 15 year olds, a spokesperson for Professor Nachman Ash said. the post office. “We could move on to a stronger recommendation for children,” Ash spokesperson confirmed. On Sunday, the Clalit health fund reported an almost 100% increase in requests for coronavirus vaccinations by students in this age cohort. Some 46 people were identified as carriers of the coronavirus on Saturday, 0.3% of tests performed gave a positive result. Both figures represent the highest in a month – although the figures remain extremely small compared to the worst periods of the pandemic when thousands of new patients were identified every day and more than 10% of tests came back positive.

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