Three candidates are in the running for the Streetsboro Board of Education


In the Streetsboro Board of Education race, three candidates are vying for two seats.

Incumbent Andrew Gibson is seeking re-election to his seat, while being challenged by Kristin Bedford and Robert Fulton. School board member Denise Baba is not running for re-election this fall, so one of the winners will take her seat.

Fulton said he was running in part to offer voters a choice of candidates.

“I am a retired teacher and principal, and I would like to see the state back down,” he said. “I think local schools should be in charge of their own school systems. “

Specifically, he said he would like to see the stakes reduced in the state’s annual success tests so that teachers can be more free to teach as they wish rather than focus on preparing for the tests.

Gibson has said he would like to stay on the board as he still has children in the district.

He said he originally joined the board because he “was not thrilled with the way they are handling certain things.”

“Now I’m running again because there is always something going on,” he said.

Bedford did not respond to requests for comment.

Gibson said he was happy with the mask mandate now in place for schools in the town of Streetsboro.

“I was okay with it being a choice at the start,” he said. “We started to lose too many children and we started to lose teachers. With the talent pool available right now, you can only lose a limited number of teachers before you start to shut things down. “

Fulton said it should be up to parents and children to wear the mask because it is difficult to apply.

“Some of them have it halfway up their face, others have their noses uncovered,” he said. “Demanding that they have to wear it is a real problem.”

He is also not a fan of the critical race theory taught in the classroom.

“The use of the phrase bothers me personally,” he said. “[Some people] manipulate him to be what they want him to be.

Gibson has stated that the critical race theory is not required by the state, so Streetsboro does not teach it.

“If that changes, as a board we will discuss how we want to manage this,” he said.

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