What can be done to prevent graffiti from damaging Bald Rock?


Question: I have visited Bald Rock (near Caesars Head) for years to enjoy the natural treasure and the long distance views. I’ve never seen it with so much graffiti! There is hardly any space that is not painted.

There are no stores nearby that sell paint, so people have to come with the intention of breaking down the rock. Is there anyone who can take corrective action or anything that can be done to protect this beautiful area?

Reply: It is complicated.

I reached out to Austen Attaway, heritage preservation biologist for the State Department of Natural Resources, who said graffiti and trash has been a problem for many years at Bald Rock Heritage Preserve. The problem has worsened in recent years.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has previously sanded parts of the rock in the hopes that a clear surface would deter people from painting. However, Attaway said, “It just provided a clean canvas for more graffiti.”

She said the DNR’s law enforcement division spent a lot of time writing posts on the site, but it didn’t make as big a difference as officials had hoped.

MNR continues to discuss options to reduce the problem, such as limiting parking, closing the reserve, limiting access, or developing a “Friends of Bald Rock” group. However, he didn’t find a perfect solution, Attaway said.

A hike to Bald Rock is an easy walk with a breathtaking view.

“These issues were recently presented to the SCDNR Heritage Trust Advisory Board in hopes of finding a solution that would benefit everyone,” she said, “We also have an active volunteer program and would be happy from the public’s help to Bald Rock. “

In short, DNR and anyone who loves Bald Rock without graffiti is at least a little at the mercy of the general public’s willingness to take care of the stash rather than vandalize it, at least until they can develop a solution. which will have a greater impact than those already in play.

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