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Why I floated in writing school – Emmanuel Olatunji – The Sun Nigeria

By Damiete Braide

Immanuel Olatunji is the founder of Tebeba Publishing Company, a company that has helped writers become effective and influential in their works. This year, he officially launched the Tebeba School of Writing, a school where exceptional writers are born, refined and deployed to achieve feats in the world. The company aspires to train at least 20,000 writers by 2027 or earlier.

He disagreed with people who believe that writers are poor people. He added, “The kind of writers I bring up in this school can’t be poor. Although there are people who call themselves writers because they write on social media, however, through this school, we equip people with the writing skills necessary to succeed as writers.

“At Tebeba Publishing Company, some of the skills taught to people include content writing, ghostwriting, effective writing, and more. Our determination is that no one will attend this school and remain a struggling writer. Everything has been prepared to achieve this. If you’re going to writing school and you’re still struggling with the major areas of your writing journey, no school can help you,” he said.

Emmanuel has written many books including How To Never Be Broke Again, Book Title Blueprint, Writers’ Manual, Millionaire Writer’s Blueprint, 15 Ways to Choose Affluence Over Poverty, Earn From Your Talent, What Is In. Your Hand, Book Publishing Code , among others.

When asked how he got into writing, he said, “I’ve been writing since 2009. But I started writing professionally in 2016. I was a rough writer when I started. to write. I didn’t like the idea of ​​writing, but, in 2009, I realized that writing is a skill, so I started to hone that skill. I took part in different writing courses to refine my skills. I found myself a writing mentor who held me accountable. I started reading books and never stopped writing. In 2015 I had the opportunity to work as a content writer for some blogs, while in 2016 I ventured fully into writing.

He emphasized consistency and passion as a writer: “At first, I never liked writing, but since I realized that writing was a skill that was ingrained in me, I I had to develop the passion for it. If you want to see the beauty of writing, you have to make sure you develop a passion for it. Writing is very demanding and exhausting. If you just write without passion, you will have a hard time. Writing isn’t a skill you just try; you have to have a level of passion for it.

“Every great writer has a level of passion for writing. That’s why no matter how hard it gets, no matter how difficult the journey, they’re still writing. That’s passion! You have to have a particular love for writing. These are fundamental principles that are really close to my heart, among others.

Speaking on the outlook for the publishing industry in Nigeria, Emmanuel said, “We haven’t really scratched the surface in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. The prospect is therefore immense. There are many opportunities in the publishing industry in Nigeria. I once saw research that the publishing industry is even among the highest earning industries in the world. In fact, it’s even higher than the music industry. This is to show that the prospect is huge and there is a huge opportunity for anyone who dives into it in Africa.

“Through this industry you can achieve a lot, especially now that you no longer need a traditional publisher before you can publish a book. Once you have a manuscript, you can hire a freelance publisher to publish for you and viola, you are an author. How cool is that? That said, there are several ways to take advantage of this industry. You just have to be ready to take action. »

The publisher said that despite the many publishing houses in the country, he had brought so many innovations to the publishing industry in Africa: “I can boldly say that my company is the first publishing to introduce a three-in-one book reading, book publishing and marketing platform in Africa for audiobooks, e-books and paperbacks. It’s called Tebeba Books. There has never been a platform like this in Africa. But the moment I entered this industry, we brought such innovation.

“My company has also championed many innovative works in the writing and publishing industries, and we’ve inspired others who are even in our industry. I have people doing what I do, and they told me how I challenged them and helped them. That’s why I’m not challenged by any competitor. If I see something new, I learn and I find a way to do it better I believe there is always room for improvement.

Emmanuel said he wrote How to Never Be Broken Again, because he got angry at the level of poverty in the country. “I wrote it to teach people the real secrets of wealth. I wrote it to cause a paradigm shift in people’s minds. I wrote it, because I want to inspire people to they can do more and achieve more.